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Andrew Davie

I am delighted to announce the approval by BBG Entertainment of a limited release of my "Boulder Dash Demo" on the Atari 2600. Those who have been following development of this game in this forum will be aware of the astounding graphics and gameplay that this demo shows is possible on the nearly 50-year-old Atari 2600 platform. This demo runs on all Atari 2600 compatible consoles (for example via the Harmony cart).

I have formal approval to release just 100 copies of the demo (in binary form - you supply the cart, or run on an emulator). A binary that can run on Harmony Cartridge or the Stella and Gopher emulators is provided completely free of charge. Full copyright is asserted/maintained by BBG Entertainment - the binary/demo is free to own/use, but not free to copy/distribute/sell. Each copy is individually serial-numbered, so you will receive a unique binary of the game.

This release consists of a binary image with 3 brand new caves, each with 5 challenging levels

If you would like to request a copy, please send me a personal message via this forum and I will add you to the list and announce the lucky recipients (and distribute binaries) shortly after the official release date of 1 June 2024 8 June 2024. Please note; to be fair to real people, I need to be fairly sure you're a real person - so I'll be prioritising those requests from people who clearly are... who they claim to be. To save myself a ton of work, I will not respond individually until after 8 June - but if you have left your name via PM as directed, then be sure I've seen your request.

This Atari 2600 demo version is published with permission of BBG Entertainment GmbH.

Boulder Dash® is a trademark of BBG Entertainment GmbH, registered in the US, the European Union and other countries. Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™, Boulder Dash® Deluxe™, the names and likenesses of Rockford™, Crystal™ and Goldford™ are trademarks of BBG Entertainment GmbH. Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™ and Boulder Dash® Deluxe™ Copyright © 1984-2024 BBG Entertainment GmbH. All rights reserved. The original Boulder Dash® was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray.


Hello and congratulations on the partnership w/ BBG towards releasing your demo as I'm still a fan of you and Thomas Jentzsch's effort of BoulderDash 2600.. PM SENT ..Thanks!


PM sent!  In for one, please!!! I bought a licensed copy of the Boulderdash from Atari Age last year, too, since you said that would be a prerequisite to be allowed to buy a copy of your version.  I'm excited to play this one because of how unbelievably well programmed it looks.  Thank you for making this amazing adaptation of a great classic!



Hello, I would love a copy of the Boulder Dash 2 Free Demo. I love BD and have the original and latest CIB copies. Thank you for developing this version and working out the approval for the 100 ROM release.

PM Sent.



I would also love to get a demo copy.  I have sent you a PM.  Thanks!


This game looks so good PM sent for a Demo thanks!

Andrew Davie

I will be delaying the release for a week, as I have a little more tweaking I want to do to make things run smoother on hardware.


Will the announcements hold off til then?  Have a great weekend !

Andrew Davie

Quote from: markzilla1985 on 01 Jun 2024, 10:06 PMWill the announcements hold off til then?  Have a great weekend !

We are not currently oversubscribed, so I can confirm to the best of my estimate at this stage everyone who has followed the instructions will get one.


Andrew Davie

We're now 24 hours from official release! I'll be starting the binary build and PM for each of you from that point onwards. May take me a day or two to get to all of you.

I would really appreciate some reviews and feedback in the forum, or over at AtariAge. I don't mind where, but AtariAge would certainly get a larger audience and those of you who have a copy can gloat at those who don't ;)